How to Download Alexa App for Android, PC, MAC?

Amazon developed a powerful virtual assistance system that is now known across the globe as Alexa. What Alexa does is it allows a user to control other devices using their voice.

This includes smart home devices and keeping track of things-to-do lists or setting an alarm, playing music or streaming a podcast. Alexa also provides real-time news, calendar status, weather forecast and much more.

The Amazon Alexa app can be accessed via a PC, Desktop or Laptop. It is now available on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, PC, MAC, Laptop, Desktop, iPad, iPhone, Kindle, Chromebook, and other mainstream devices.

Alexa app for MAC and windows will help you manage your shopping, alarms, calendars, and music along with many more exciting features.

Alexa app for windows In order to use the Alexa app for PC, there are certain things you will need such as a reliable internet connection, a windows device with either OS 7 or higher with the latest web browser version and finally, an amazon account.

Alexa App setup for Windows

Start by looking for the Alexa app on the play store. Then download the app for Windows PC, Laptop or other devices.

  1. Open up the downloads folder and locate the Alexa app
  2. Click on download Alexa app and then hit “Run” This will initiate the installation. After it has been installed, click on the
    Alexa app
  3. Now type in your Amazon username and password in the box that appears for Amazon
    Alexa app
  4. You will now be logged in and you can start to pair your Alexa or modify any settings as per your requirements. Your Alexa setup
    on windows is complete!

Alexa App for Mac

In order to set up alexa apps for Mac, you will need to have a MAC laptop or desktop that runs the latest OS on the most recent and updated web browser. You will need a Wifi connection and an amazon account to login to the Amazon Alexa app.

Alexa App setup for MAC

First, Alexa app download for MAC. Once you have downloaded the app
you need to follow certain on-screen instructions in order to complete the app installation process.

Choose the preferred Wifi network for the app to run on. It is recommended to choose a network that your smart devices are connected to for pairing with the Amazon Alexa app.

Once the installation process is over, login using the Amazon username and the password. You will now have access to the app. You can finally pair Alexa with all your other smart devices.

You can adjust all of the in-app settings in order to make them meet your requirements.

Tip: You can follow these steps for Amazon Echo Dot Setup.

Use the Alexa App

Whether you download Alexa app for MAC or PC, you will find yourself looking at world options. You will have instant access to all your music, PDF books or videos.

You can integrate other music apps like Spotify with the Alexa app and listen to music you love whenever you want. There are plenty of fun Alexa skills in many categories such as Food, Health, and Lifestyle.

Alexa will also turn out to be your best shopping app as you can track your orders, receive discount coupons and get free shipping with this device. You also have the free calling and messaging option with Alexa. Transform your home into a smart home today with the Amazon Alexa app!

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